Recent Before & After Photos

Toilet Tank Cracked in a Local Residential Home

This Local Residential home had the toilets tank crack while the homeowner was away for the holiday weekend which lead to it filling the 2 bedroom condo with a ... READ MORE

Smoke Damage in residential home in Kirkland, WA

This was smoke damage from a kitchen fire in Kirkland, WA. You can tell where the soot had settled over picture frames and other décor hanging on the wal... READ MORE

Washington Heat Wave and Water Damage

Washington's recent record breaking heat wave was the result of a 4 story water loss. As we all know in Washington we were not ready for the heat that came at t... READ MORE

Water Leak in a Commercial Business in Kirkland, WA

This water damage was caused by a slow leak overtime. As seen in the before picture there is contents all along the wall. What was hidden behind those contents ... READ MORE

Accidents happen!

Accidents happen. There is many tasks to do in a day and sometimes you can forget what you are doing. This water damage was a simple mishap of forgetting to tur... READ MORE

"Like it never even happened," At SERVPRO of Kirkland

This flooded room was a result of a water heater bursting on the main level. There are many reasons as to why this can happen, this situation was a result of co... READ MORE

Flooded commercial building in Kirkland, WA

This flooded hallway was the cause of our Washington weather first hand. This happened in a Commercial building here in Kirkland, WA. When it rains it pours an... READ MORE

Water leak in Kirkland, WA Basement

Water Damage can happen unexpectedly. A pipe had broke under the kitchen floor and leaked down into the basement affecting all of the contents below. SERVPRO of... READ MORE

Heavy Rain Storm damage in Kirkland, WA

The before picture looks normal, however, hiding behind the drywall on the ceiling there was damage from rain, wind, and all the other elements that come along ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Kirkland, WA

This was kitchen fire in Kirkland, WA that had started because of grease. Which we all know grease fires happen fast and can't be stopped. The smoke from the fi... READ MORE