Commercial Photo Gallery

Inspections are a Homeowners Best Friend

This Commercial property in Kirkland, WA was due for an inspection. SERVPRO of Kirkland was there to inspect and help with the mitigation process from the inside out. What happens on the outside of your home can still get inside the home. It is in best interest of homeowners and property managers to have self inspections and professional inspections.

Commercial Cleaning done fast and efficient by SERVPRO of Kirkland

General cleanings are here and there but SERVPRO of Kirkland will get the job done. This commercial building was in need of a deep clean. We were able to get this job done in a few days without any interruption to the business. Containment is used and moved around to contain what we are cleaning and to keep us out of your hair. SERVPRO of Kirkland is fast ,efficient, and ready to get the work done. 

Large Commercial Building Toilet Overflow

This local 5 story multi-business building had a toilet overflow causing dirty water to spill out over 3 of the floors, affecting multiple businesses. SERVPRO of Kirkland was able to get things cleaned up so business could continue as normal.

Local Restaurant Flooded

This local restaurant owner locked up one night and everything was fine. The next morning, this is what they came in to. This is just the front of the restaurant, it had spread through the entire building! They gave us a call here at SERVPRO of Kirkland and we got it cleaned up quickly! 

Toilet Leak Floods Storage Facility

A local storage facility called SERVPRO of Kirkland after the toilet in their bathroom leaked causing an entire floor of storage units to flood. We arrived on site quickly and prevented a lot of damage to the stored items. 

Medical Office Flood

Staff at a local medical center came into this disaster early one morning. The water filtration system failed and caused extensive water damage in multiple rooms. They called SERVPRO of Kirkland to clean things up.